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5 YouTube free exercise at home for women channels

Top Youtube Exercise Channels (1)

The way I got my butt in gear was by buying the newest shiny program that was out there to exercise at home. That’s how I ended up with Les Mills Combat. I figured that way, of course I would be one of the first ones to finish it and there were no “biased” reviews to fall for.

Now, this new shiny object cost about $100. A little much for my frugal heart and wallet for that matter. Although I’m loving – yes, I did use the word loving to describe an exercise program, I can’t believe it either! – this program I’m already thinking about the future and what’s next.

Maybe if there is a YouTube exercise video out there that seems not only interesting but functional and doable I would jump all over it. Here are the options I’ve found that I can’t wait to try that shows the workout instead of just one cycle.

YouTube free exercise at home for women channels

1. Lionsgate BeFit

2. Blogilates

3. Fitness Blender

4. TiffanyRotheWorkouts

5. efit30

Bonus channel:

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