5 Ways to Save Money On Your Gym Membership

When there's a will there is a way! Here are five ways you can save money on your gym membership and be on your journey to a healthier you.

When we moved to the community we live in there was a yearly fee that among others included the rights to use their gym. On our first year here we never used it. For me, it was too far. Now, since I’ve picked up running and owning a treadmill is not an option (we just don’t have the space for a machine this big) I’m using the gym more often. I feel like I wasted money but now I’m getting my return on investment or enjoying my gym membership.

This time of year many people are considering joining a gym. It’s the busiest time of the year for fitness centers. If you’re looking for a new gym or joining a gym for the first time there are ways to save money on this investment.

Look for Discounts

If you’re a student, firefighter, police officer, teacher or have a spouse that is, there’s a good chance some fitness centers will have a discount available. Sometimes it’s small like waiving the joiner’s fee, but other times it can be a large percentage of your monthly membership fee. It might be worth it to consider a different facility based on the discount alone.

Workplace and Insurance Benefits

Some employers offer a wellness credit to their employees that can include discounted or free membership to a gym. While some people take advantage of this benefit many people simply overlook it. The same can be said for insurance plans. The thinking is that if people are exercising regularly, it is cheaper for the employer or insurance company in the long run to cover their gym fees than to cover the medical costs they may otherwise have. If your workplace doesn’t offer this benefit, ask them to consider it in the future.

Join Near the End of the Month

Many of the people you’ll encounter at the front desks of gyms are there to help you, but they are also salespeople. This means they have sales goals that need to be met monthly or quarterly. If the end of the month is approaching, they are more likely to be in a position to offer you a better deal so that they can meet their goals for that month. Want an even bigger discount? If you opt in to EFT (electronic funds transfer) to pay your bill, you often get an extra discount.

Friends and Family Discount

Have a friend or two that want to join the same gym? Or maybe you want to sign up with your spouse or another family member. Make sure to ask what kind of discount the facility offers to refer friends or sign up on a couple or group plan.

Don’t Sign Up at the Gym That Has Things You Won’t Use

Gyms usually have a variety of options available to members. From free weights, to weight machines, cardio fitness classes, to kids programming there tends to be something that appeals to all potential members. But, these things come at a cost. If you’re primarily interested in lifting free weights you really don’t need to sign up for the gym that has everything under the sun. Seek out facilities that fit your needs to save money.


If you’ve done some research you’ll know what other gyms in the area offer. If the gym you really want to go to isn’t quite at the price you’re willing to pay, try negotiating with them. Maybe another gym has offered to waive the joiner’s fee or will give you a free personal training session when you sign up. You can share this information with the gym you really want to join this and ask if they would be willing to match the offer. Or, if they are willing to discount the joiner’s fee ask if they would be willing to take it completely off as Gym XYZ has offered to do. The worst they can say is no.

The best tip? Do your research and shop around to get the very best deal possible.


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