Top 3 Sun Safety Tips for Wintertime

Dr. Scheiner shares tips for preventing, minimizing and repairing sun damage.

Winter is my favorite season. I'm sure it has something to do that I feel like a kiddo at the first sight of snow. Don't worry, once it has been a few weeks I snap back into adult mode! Since scorching heat is a thing of the past by now, I love go for a run more often. Now, a misconception is that because is a nicer weather - meaning saying goodbye to heavy sweating - our skin is still prone to sun damage. Dr. Adam J. Scheiner, an eyelid and facial cosmetic surgeon, remind us, “The snow ...

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Friday Loves: Curly hair, underdogs and beating resistance

Embracing my curls!

Friday, Friday! My favorite day of the week is here. It represents the last day of exercise for the week as well as date night. Those two are really important to keep my joy and family balance. What are your non-negotiable? You know that perennial problem of if you have curly hair you want it straight and if you have it straight you want it at least wavy. That's a struggle for me. However, this week it was all about comfort and little laziness to tell you the truth. So, here's what it looks ...

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